Thursday, October 13, 2011

Every Little Girl "Needs" Lipstick

 We've probably all heard it if we have a little girl. "Emma is in your purse. She dumped out your wallet." A minute later my son says, "She's also playing with your lipstick." That one got me up and running to see how much of her face she had painted. This has been going on for a couple of months so I thought to myself I will try to find her the toy lipstick I had as a kid. It rotated like real lipstick and was made by Fisher Price. No such luck. Next best thing was to make her one. I dug in my freebies from purchasing Clinique makeup and *gasp* took a brand new lipstick and threw the lipstick part out and did my best to clean out the rest. Next, I found a dowel rod that fit perfectly into the tube cut a piece at an angle to fit the tube. Then, I painted the dowel rod with some red fingernail polish I had laying around. Had the dowel rod been unfinished I might have colored it with blackberries so that it was less "toxic" should she chew it. Next time.... Final step is to E6000 the dowel into the tube and let it dry. Emma is so excited about her lipstick.